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PASSEPARTOUT: the New Ancorvis scan body conversion service

And what if your scan body is not an original New Ancorvis one?

What if your scan body is not original New Ancorvis?
No problem!
With the free Passepartout software we enable you to convert any scanbody into our AQ scanbody.
And you will be able to do this In House, completely independently and without changing your habits.
Just register/ log in to our order Ordering platform and follow the steps!
And remember: if you don't feel comfortable handling the conversion yourself, we can still send the scans to be converted by New Ancorvis as you were used to.
In fact, thanks to a systematics specially created by our R&D staff, we are able to convert most of the scanbodies on the market and make them compatible with the New Ancorvis world.
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dedicated to implant libraries: +39 349 607 34 72

IMPLANT DETECTOR: New Ancorvis develops customised geometries for you

If you are not able to identify the implant in the oral cavity of the patient and you need to restore it or if the patient does not have the implant passport, no worries: this is the solution for you!

You can send us:

-the component removed from the oral cavity, that must be disinfected and sterile


-a silicon impression – complete and accurate - of the internal part of the unknown implant

On the base of the received material, we will a perform a reverse engineering by taking the measurements for the implant detection.

The good state of the components/impressions is mandatory.

For a better identification, we suggest to send the auxiliary material such as:

-Implant picture
- Implant Reference code

Please note: we can set the analogical and the digital workflow by allowing you to design the structures you need to create.

We will provide you with all the prosthetic components you need: AQ scan abutment and dedicated implant libraries, transfer, digital analogs, ti-bases for cement-retained technique, MUA converters, spherical attachments and many more

For more information Whatsapp export
dedicated to implant libraries: +39 349 607 34 72

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