High strength and aesthetic value guaranteed

Aesthetic Duo allows creating prostheses with high resistance and aesthetic value.

Aesthetic Duo consists of a:

■ Primary bar screw-retained into implants in Selective Laser Melting, with mucosal support and post-machined implant connection.
■ Milled secondary structure in zirconia, PMMA, composite or prototyping resin for testing, to be assembled to the primary structure. 

The union of the two components is achieved through 
a cement- retained technique with anaerobic cement.

Extension on request
SMALL (up to 3 elements) 
FRONT (from 4 to 6 elements) 
FULL (from 7 to 14 elements)

Greater Resistance

Aesthetic Duo ensures high breakage strength of the secondary structure, precisely thanks to its gluing onto the primary metal bar.
Thus, in fact, any tensions, due to the structural adaptation on the implants, are discharged onto the metal, while the aesthetic part – decidedly more fragile – is milled in one single block and passively glued to the bar, without undergoing any type of lateral tension or “misfitting”.

Aesthetic Appeal

The customised design of the primary bar faithfully respects the anatomical volumes of  the secondary structure, giving the prosthesis greater stability and resistance over time. 
Aesthetic Duo also offers the possibility of reintervention over the years by replacing  only the anatomical part.

Clinics and Laboratories

Once the design/separation of the structure has been carried out, the file of the aesthetic part CORE FILE can be used for In-House Production or, alternatively, be produced by New Ancorvis.


The production of the primary bar is always carried out by New Ancorvis, which guarantees faithful adherence to the external volumes, maximum precision on implant connections and the possibility of separate fabrication of the prosthesis.
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