Dedicated courses




LIGHT SOLUTIONS, the first approach: we will guide you!

If your approach to computer-guided surgery does not involve investing time and technology, New Ancorvis offers, in complete safety, a pre-planning validated by its clinicians which will allow interfacing with the customer to manage the work together and receive l the approval of the resulting design.
Having designed the surgical template, which takes into account the chosen implant kit, New Ancorvis will manage what is required by the indicated treatment plan

LIGHT SOLUTIONS PRO: evolution in your hands

If you want to plan your cases independently, without having to purchase surgical planning software, New Ancorvis will allow you to activate a PRO subscription to the surgical planning software at a very small price. To access the Light Solutions PRO course it is necessary to take part – at a cost of € 690.00 – in a course with clinical tutoring, held by Dr. Marco Tallarico, lasting two days (non-consecutive), all focused on the development of a real case – with the creation of a surgical template included – within Light Solutions. Technical support, even live, provided by our technical staff, is included for your first 5 cases.



The Light Solutions Network is designed to give technicians the possibility of taking part in a highly formative and certified course on the entire New Ancorvis computer-guided surgery project, playing a proactive role within the entire workflow. Precisely because of the innovative nature of this entirely digital workflow, the network is specifically aimed at dental technicians with a digital system in their laboratory and who are willing to approach this system in a professional and structured manner.
After paying a one-off entrance fee of € 2000.00 you will be able to count on a theoretical-practical Master course on the Light Solutions method - lasting 40 hours -
from the preparation and use of the surgical planning software to practical training on prosthetic design deriving from the surgical planning itself, passing through a training module transversal to the subject and completely focused on communication as a tool to generate value.
You will have access to a free assistance service, even live, and you will also have a series of economic advantages.
You will be able to actively take part, with your clinicians, in the Light Solutions Experience Forum and bring your experience to compare it with that of others and encourage the problem solving approach of the day.