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Founded in 1948, New Ancorvis has experienced a strong technological development since early 2000, which has allowed it to stand out on the dental market as an  ideal  and trustworthy partner for the operators of the industry, expanding the range of solutions offered in the dental and prosthetic sector.
The heavy investments, the constant updates and the consolidated know-how allow the company to stand out in the use of the milling technique and in the use of CAD-CAM technology, for the production of semi-finished products intended for the dental sector, while increasing the range of materials used. The new digital flow (3D printing and guided surgery) represent the new challenge the company has embraced.
With a view to customer satisfaction and safety and to the quality of the production process, the company has achieved the CE certification together with the UNI EN ISO 13485-2012 certification, thanks to its commitment in the field of design and production. New Ancorvis is present all over Italy thanks to an efficient network of agents and distributors.


It would be too simple and trivial to tell you that we are the best and the right choice for you! .... everyone does it.

We believe we are different and our uniqueness translates into a very wide variety of products and services that has no equals on the market and that is held in our hands.

Every day, we process the solutions you need to be competitive within your business and we do this by listening to you, investing in research and development, in technology and process automation.

It' s up to you: be different with us!

OUR BUSINESS LINES... a world of solutions in your hands

  • Computer-Guided Surgery (Light Solution)
  • Rapid Prototyping and Laser Melting Production (Evo 3D Line)
  • Production with Milling Technique (EvoCAM Line)
  • Implant Components Compatible with over 900 items in the catalogue (Gemini Line)
  • Dental Attachments (Ancora Line)


Our idea of business and our feelings, all included in a special blog


Nothing is more memorable than a scent.
“New Ancorvis The Scent” - serves precisely to make sure that our mood and essence are imprinted in your memory, so that when you smell it in the air you think of us with a smile.

OUR TEAM... Together - Everyone - Achieves - More


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