The Light Solutions Project, entirely dedicated to Computer-Assisted Surgery, embodies the fruit of in-depth analysis and processes assessment carried out by the company, in cooperation with a specialized team of technicians and clinicians.

This is actuallly an innovative approach to the subject, because it is designed as a fully digital workflow, developed in a dedicated space where tools and services are provided, that can satisfy any kind of need!

The Light Solutions Network has been created with the intention to make this type of method usable on a large scale in a simple and immediate way, and to address the increasing needs of the dental laboratory to manage the interactions with its clinical client in an even more fluid and articulated way, counting on a portfolio of solutions, products, components and dedicated software. All with high quality and cost-effective standards, in perfect New Ancorvis style.


Our proposal, both in terms of services and products, is available in customizable packages according to each specific need for clinical cases management, and in a timely and complete training range.




The Light Solutions Network guarantees the chance to be part of a highly  educational training, which is certified on the entire New Ancorvis computer-assisted surgery project, exercising a proactive role inside the full workflow.

Thanks to the totally digital workflow innovative approach, the network is dedicated specifically to dental technicians who own a laboratory digital system with the will of approaching the Computer-Assisted Surgery Light Solutions system in a well structured and professionalizing way.

The path, exclusively designed for Light Solutions Network members, is based on a multi-step master level training activity. In this contest, in fact, the network technicians will be provided with all the necessary tools, so that they can interface effectively their clinical clients and position themselves as a valid support in the use of this system.

The degree of specialization achieved with the Light Solutions Package (both products and services) will allow technicians not only to be able to support their clinician in a comprehensive manner, but also to play a proactive role in the approach to new customers.

To learn more about Light Solutions Digital Surgery Planning and Network, take part to one of the in-depth meetings we have planned for you. You can subscribe by clicking on “Book your site” in the “Dedicated meetings” area.

The Network subscription is possible only for those who have participated to one of the informative meetings. You can subscribe through a dedicated link that will be shared via email after the meeting.


If you have subscribed to a meeting, but you cannot participate, please cancel your subscription by clicking on the below button.






In your daily management linked to the minimally invasive prosthetic rehabilitation of the patient, according to the evaluations carried out by the client-clinician, you will be fully supported by our technical staff.


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