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Abutment scans are key devices in the scanning process, for both intra oral and dental modelling. Placed on the implant or the analogue (when using a model) during the scanning process, enables you to detect and record the position of the endo-osseous system with absolute precision.
Our abutment scan line AQ in grade 5 Titanium - available for over 300 implant connectors - has been updated to meet the increasing demands of an ever-changing market.
The tapered shape has been improved to further optimise positioning in the oral cavity.
The grey-opaque surface allows one easy scan, either intra-orally (Practice scanners) and extra-orally (Laboratory scanners). In either setting, there's no need to render the surface of the locator opaque, which improves the accuracy of image acquisition.
The laser side marking allows easy identification of the correct implant connector.
Designed to make the most of the New Ancorvis 2017 implant libraries kit, the new AQ abutment scan is fully compatible with the 2015 kit.
An innovative and totally revised production process has allowed us to drastically reduce the exit diameter of the removable screws, which has two advantages:
  1. It increases the surface available in the scanning plane
  2. It locks the clamping screw within the body of the scan abutments.
And that's not all!
The New Ancorvis AQ scan abutment line offers smaller diameters (3 – 3.5) as well as small variants to allow easy handling of confined inter-proximal spaces.  
In addition, from May 2017 onwards, AQ abutment scans can also be used for In Lab production, thanks to the new open Ancorvis libraries. And as with all our production processes, the AQ Line, is guaranteed in terms of safety and quality.
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